Cotton Quilts for Beds and Decoration

Looking for cotton quilts or planning to start quilting one by yourself? Cotton is absolutely the best material for any kinda of quilt, would it be bed cover or a bedding mattress. It is the most common material that is used by everyone for linen and quilts. Cotton is a great, light material. It is also an excellent choice for people who are hypoallergenic or just want to use organic products.

Quilts are a type of bed cover made of three layers: a woven cover, a batting and a woven back. These three are then joined by sewing them together. Quilts often have several different uses which include the main uses as bedding and decoration. Quilts were traditionally used by American farners to provide warm beddings.


Cotton quilts are easily affordable. They are also very convenient to store. Usually you can wash them in a washing machine according to the given instructions. They are also considerable easier to get rid off of germs, smells, bugs, and the like. Quilts are easy to be carried around and if you camp regularly, quilt is definitely a good option.

Since cotton is a light material, it is a very good choice for hot temperatures, as it remains cool and airy. It is also soft and comfortable, making it easier on the skin during the heat. It is also easy to work with. Traditional cotton quilts were made out of patchwork of several random pieces of cloth found here and there. Nowadays, one sees them coming with designs and using different types of cotton.

Designs can be customized according to one’s requirements or preferences. One can get these quilts designed according to their bed size, the room color scheme, the nature of the owner and even hobbies; the list is endless. One can see wonderfully intricate needlework on some of these quilts. Designs can be painted, sewn or printed upon quilts.

Cotton quilts are priced based on several factors. The design work on them is one of the main factors. The material used for making the quilt is also an important factor since there are many varieties of cotton available, all priced differently. In addition, the fact if the quilt is made by hand or by machine, affects the cost of the quilt.

Cotton quilts usually have multiple uses. These can be used as linen for the bed, or for covering oneself up with one. Cotton has always been the easier option out of all fabrics, being the most comfortable, airy and light. Cotton quilts are also available in almost every price range, no matter how low.