An Insight Into Cotton Quilting – Different Fabrics Used in Cotton Quilts

Basically you can use any sort of fabric for quilting. Doesn’t matter if the material is old or broken because you can use the parts that are still in good shape. So choices of colors and patterns are endless. Still it is smart to choose fabrics for quilting carefully and usually it is better to use only one type of fabric in a single quilt. If you do use different fabrics you might have some unexpected problems. The quilt could get stretched or torn easily since different fabrics have different qualities.

Different Cotton Quilt Fabrics

Cotton is great fabric for quilting. It is easily available, breathable and natural product, easy to clean and durable. There are many different types of cotton fabric available.

Cotton Quilt Fabrics

Basic Cotton
It is the most commonly used fabric for quilting owning to its myriad advantages. Normal cotton fabric is economic and possesses the capability to hold color and retain the tone for a long time unless an inferior quality dye is used in its manufacture.

Usually made of dyed cotton this woven fabric gets its name from Malayan word genggang that means striped. These days its easily recognized because of its checked pattern.

This loosely woven cotton fabric is usually white and not dyed. Its often used in curtains or upholstery. Muslin is great for hot climates because it lets air through. So if you live in a temperate climate consider using Muslin for your quilt.

Cotton flannel is great material for baby quilts because it is soft and provides great warmth.
These qualities make flannel quilts highly suitable for babies. Many of the best baby quilts and blankets are made of cotton flannel. Also the fact that this fabric does not add much extra weight to the quilt is a big advantage for children.

These are some of the popular quilting cotton fabrics and no matter what kinda quilt you intend to make, you should use a single quality fabric for best result. Cotton quilts are very comfortable and suit every budget. If you’re planning to buy a cotton quilt, internet could be your best choice to provide you with the best deal in terms of both price and quality.